How To Use uTorrent on PC For Downloading Movies For FREE

Hey, guys, do you want to know the easiest way to download movies online?

Then you’re at right place, today in this post ill tell you how to use uTorrent on PC for downloading movies, music files, software or ebooks, yes you can download anything 🙂 This is the beauty of uTorrent

I’ll also tell you how to use this software in my step-by-step guide, so you won’t get any problems using this software on your device.

How to use uTorrent on PC for Downloading Movies for FREE

Guys, in my previous posts, I mentioned a list for downloading free movies online and another list for watching TV shows online, those are great options but those sites shut down after some time because of some copyright acts, so if you’re already following kinda sites then you might face some problems in watching or downloading movies in future, so what?

If you really don’t know about uTorrent then this post is for you, ill tell you everything about uTorrent in this post, so you’ll get all info about using this software and you can download from movies to ebooks very easily.

First of all, let me tell you what is Utorrent?

uTorrent is open source BitTorrent client developed by BitTorrent, Inc

uTorrent is designed to download torrent files, music, videos, software, etc. It is lightweight and powerful. You can download it on any of your devices like computer, tabs, and smartphones. It offers advanced downloading settings such as automation, remote management and downloading speed metering and you won’t believe more than 100 million people are already using this software.

So guys, get ready for my step by step guide for using this uTorrent software so you can enjoy downloading from the internet, just follow these steps which are mentioned below.

How to use uTorrent on PC for Downloading Movies for FREE

First of all, you need to download a uTorrent software

1. Go to www.utorrent.com

2. Now download uTorrent by clicking on Download button

download uTorrent

3. Save the file on your computer.

4. Then open the utorrent.exe file.

5. Click to run and it’ll install into your computer.

6. After installing uTorrent software on your device, open any torrent site in your browser (You can use the list of these torrent sites for downloading movies)

How to use uTorrent on PC for Downloading Movies for FREE

7. Open a torrent site on your browser, browse torrents or if you have any specific name to search you can use the search bar to search your movie and you’ll see a lot of movies links. (here I’m using thepiratebay torrent site as example)

How to use uTorrent on PC for Downloading Movies for FREE

8. Now when you get a list of the search results for your searched movie. You need to select a movie to download. (Always remember to select a movie based on Seeders & Leechers. The more it is the faster it will be downloaded)

How to use uTorrent on PC for Downloading Movies for FREE

9. Now you can see the torrent details for my selected torrent movies. Every required detail is mentioned on this page such as size, seeder, leechers, uploaded date, screenshots of the movie play. And there is this “GET THIS TORRENT” link.

10. Click on it and a torrent file will be downloaded and will ask you whether you want to open it on uTorrent software.

11. Click yes and it will start your torrent downloading. The best part is you can pause and resume your downloads anytime you want. Enjoy!


Note: Downloading movies and other stuff from uTorrent software are illegal in some countries and its against the law in most countries and it may cause in big copyright fines. Some BitTorrent sites contain adult material or flash ads, sometimes malware that can harm your device.

So always make sure to know what you’re clicking on and what site you’re using to download torrent files, I suggest to use proxy IP address so you can hide your IP address because sometimes your public IP address can be recorded by companies who can take legal action against you.

Wrapping Up

I hope this guide is helpful for everyone who’s is looking for a using uTorrent software, if you still confused or have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comment section.

In my next post ill share some torrent sites, so keep checking this site for more updates.


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Stephanie Sherlock - October 4, 2017

Thanks for the tips. We love to watch tv shows on our own schedule. This is helpful.

    Kailash Joshi - October 5, 2017

    I’m glad that you liked this post and find it helpful, indeed this tool is good for downloading movies for free 🙂

Samantha Donnelly - October 4, 2017

I have no idea about downloading as usually leave this to my husband as that is his department. But reading through this I think I may be able to give it a go, thank you

Rebecca Smith - October 5, 2017

This is so handy – I’ve heard a lot about utorrent but didn’t know much about it. This guide is very useful and I’m glad you showed consideration for the fact it may be illegal in some countries but not others.

jhilmil - October 5, 2017

I have always been in search of such apps or tools which help me download Free movies, lol. And Torrent has been one of them. Good informative post altogether.

Aziel Morte - October 5, 2017

Oh wow! this is exactly what I need right now I love to download more movies using torrent and I heard many good reviews about utorrent

Victoria Moore - October 5, 2017

Thanks for the tips! These are really helpful.

Ana Ojha - October 5, 2017

These are the very handy user guide for anyone who wants to download movies from uTorrent! But I’m just curious to know that is it not illegal?

Eloise - October 6, 2017

these are great tips! I could use something like this to watch my shows when I CAN! I’ll bookmark this page to refer to in the near future ; )

CATALINA NINI - October 6, 2017

Utorrent is a great tool but always used in moderation. Downloading files for personal uses is fine (where the laws apply of course) but the abuse is not ok.

David Elliott - October 7, 2017

Utorrent does some pretty incredible things. I would just worrry that between them and piratebay that you would end up with many viruses that would end up on your computer. I admit freely how incredible the service is though.

Ali Rost - October 7, 2017

This reminds me so much of the days when parents were being fined because their teenagers were in their bedrooms downloading bootlegged music from sites like Napster. The days before subscription services like Spotify came into being. Are there movies you would download that they don’t have on streaming services like Netflix?

Cassandra - October 7, 2017

I’ve always been too scared to use torrent sites so I just buy them instead.

Kristen - October 8, 2017

My brother uses this all the time to download movies. I have never tried since it is illegal and I am too chicken


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